Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tranquil cafe website is up!

I can't believe that the website is up - thanks to Mark who did a fantastic job dealing with the arch procrastinator here we have ready for your viewing. It is almost as beautiful as Tranquil. My photoshop skills aren't quite as good as his but maybe I will figure out how he made his pictures have blurry edges, the ones I upload are just plain rectangles.

Big event today the Robert69 Little Tribute Concert, I am just getting nervous - wondering if I can do seven straight hours of meet and greet. Stop over if you get a minute, it is in the Commons and should be fun.

Tomorrow evening we are holding a quieter anniversary get together in the Cafe, Kiaranne Flanagan and Shannon Oherlihy will perform great folk songs for us to reminisce by. Don't miss it!

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