Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tara is under construction

Bri always has a project up her sleeve. She won the Tara mansion and now is hard pressed to find time and lindens to furnish it. It is huge and is sooo hard to find furniture and landscaping that are from the period (especially since SL is only like 6 years old ). The most fun though is thinking about the party I already know who I want to play for the opening Waylon and JohnnyJ - but at the rate I am building it will not be finished til this time next year.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bri's Rez Day

Well my rez day is finally over and I can't milk it for any more presents :( But it was a great one, iz dovrcr started it with a great set, then MrMulti Writer performed a set of songs that I selected. My rl and sl friend Lauren Weyland then proceeded to roast me and that was a truly fun hour. The grand finale was Chester Cournyer's fireworks. He does the best in SL and it truly lit up my day.

Fricker's Mystical Performance

There are a few memorable moments in SL, those you know you will never forget, Fricker's performance at the opening of the Paradise Garden was one of those times. His music haunts you and some how it recalls times when we were a different people. Fricker I can't express enough my appreciation for your wonderful talent and the peace you brought to everyone in attendance Tuesday nite.