Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weather Machine is a disaster

Well as usual SL technology is beyond my ability. My new weather machine is snowing everywhere inside houses and it makes these huge snowdrifts about ten foot high. Everyone will suffocate walking through them. I hate to bother the creator but I think I will have to or winter here will be a mess. Too much to do and too little time, wonder if I could create a rl alt?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Montian Gilruth Concert a Hit!

The crowd was great and Montian was fantastic. In fact I was criticized for being too enthusiastic last nite at the concert :(
I guess I will try to refrain from complimenting every song next concert! I will just praise every other song in more detail.
Been working on winter landscaping today, it takes almost as much time in SL as in RL. I did get a few tulip bulbs planted today in rl and getting ready to jump back into SL and plant the trees I just bought at Heart garden center.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jumping In

Wow I have been over 24 hours, if I didn't have Montian playing at 7pmslt I may just have set a record for being outta SL. I tried to figure out how to tape him tonite but not enough time to understand and download that procedure. Hope everything is OK at Tranquil.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is SLim the same as being in SL?

I tried to download the new tool SLim which is purportedly able to allow us to communicate with friends in SL when we aren't there. It didn't work so I am still in exile, interesting I noticed I started this blog when I was in exile in July - maybe I need to do this more often :(

Down Home

Made it back home, cheated and bought the pumpkin pie at Frisch's, but theirs is better than mine would be. I am so excited Montian Gilruth will perform tomorrow nite in Tranquil, I am sooo thrilled, so hope peeps will be tired of turkey and getting back into SL by 7pmslt. I know my self imposed SL 24 hour exile will be over by then. Talking about SL doesn't disqualify my exile does it? Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Over the River today!

Bri is over the river and through the woods today to the home place in RL. Hope to take a break from SL tomorrow and Friday will see how that goes :) Happy Turkey to everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Steely Decosta at Cafe Last Nite

This is what I intended to post earlier, this is a pic of Steely Decosta performing at the Tranquil Cafe last nite. He was a fantastic performer, played a great selection of new and old covers. Tonite Barton Cale will perform in the Cafe and Steak and Taters at O'Chills following Barton. Then the sim has a break for the holiday and back to normal on Saturday nite with DaveSmall Finesmith in the Cafe and Treble Runningbear in the Moonlight Ballroom.

I cant figure out how to remove this didn't know what I was adding but that is the schedule of events last weekend. We had one addition Montian Gilruth performed after Lyndon on Saturday nite. You can see some of the performances at the YouTube site at

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slow Sunday

Last nite was busy, busy, busy. One great new performer Brixton Canning was at the Commons, DaveSmall Finesmith was at the Cafe, and Treble Runningbear was at the Ballroom. Music is getting more than I can handle, no time for exploring or having fun. Tonite is Kiaranne at the Cafe and Mal's first Moonlight Magic event at the Ballroom.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tranquil Anniversary

OK so its been six months since I put anything here, but I swear now that I found my blog spot again I am going to post something every day. Even if is boring. The Tranquil Anniversary Celebration was about the best party I have ever given in rl or sl. Three days of wonderful performances - dancing and fun. I forgot to put out any food or drinks but we all seemed to survive anyway. A great friend Robert69 filmed several of the performers and that caused me to create a utube page to put them on
Last nite Mags my neighbor in Sl and friend in Rl had Steak and Tater supper and it was great, I think she is gonna cook for us every week, so stay tuned.